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Door Pulls

Designed to complement our range of Slam Shut and Key operated door locks the Lifetime Stainless Steel Door Pull Handles offer style, security and durability. Available in offset, inline and shaped designs all with the choice of external only or external/internal versions. Brushed and polished stainless finishes are available as is a marine grade option for exposed coastal locations or other aggressive environments.

Escutcheons & Finger Pull

The Stronghold Finger Pull is a combined escutcheon and pull that is designed to complement our range of Slam Shut and Key operated door locks. In particular it was designed as a high security solution for "heritage" style applications including over-rebated doors requiring a 35mm backset lock. It complies with PAS024 when used in the security version with a 1 star cylinder and is part of our Document Q approved range of hardware (contact our sales department for the relevant test details and certificates). It will compliment both modern and traditional door styles and is available in polished or brushed stainless steel finishes. A marine grade option is available for high corrosion environments.


Following a successful initial launch in 2014, the British manufactured and supplied Mundial Window Handle range by Winlock Security has undergone a significant upgrade. The Mundial Plus, available from May 2017, now offers greater affordability and with a more stylish locking system.

Having replaced the traditional zinc components with aluminium parts in their black and white models, Mundial Plus now provides a more economical, but equally efficient proposition to Winlock’s existing Mundial range.

A new ‘teardrop’ shaped barrel also provides a more pleasing aesthetic.

Manufactured in both the UK and Asia, the Mundial range offers fabricators and installers quality assurance and competitive prices with quick conveyancing; special colours and options will be delivered within just 3 weeks.

With three handle types; Inline, Offset and Tilt Before Turn, and with a comprehensive range of finishes, each with a 10 year guarantee, the Mundial range is ideal for customers who want low-cost painted and plated products, and with all the special finishes available but on a short lead time. It is particularly attractive for new build suppliers and is covered by Winlock’s Document Q programme.

Commenting on the launch Winlock Security’s Managing Director Alan Parker said: “The cost of zinc handles has rocketed in the last 12 months. We felt the time was right to provide our customers with a cost saving alternative and we’ve achieved that with Mundial Plus”.


·         Manufactured in the UK and Asia

·         10 year mechanical guarantee

·         Engineered with a firm grip and elegant line

·         Available in any RAL colour and stock finishes including white, black, bright chrome, gold, satin chrome and brushed steel 

·         BS EN ISO 9001/2008 Quality Management System

·         Available in 3 handle types:

·         Inline & Off-Set designs

·         For extra knuckle clearance

·         High specification, push to operate, key to deadlock handle

·         90 degree stop to prevent gearbox over-stressing

·         Key-locking and non-locking versions to meet every specification

·         Tilt Before Turn

·         Lockable in all positions to enhance window safety and security

·         Positive handle engagement in all positions

·         Usable on both TBT and Turn first variants

The Mundial Plus Window Handle Range is available for pre-order now.

Another innovation from Winlock


Document Q refers to an appendix to The Building Regulations which comes fully into effect from October 1 2016.  It requires that all ground floor or accessible doors and windows on new build residential dwellings must have been made to a design that has been independently tested to the latest security standard (PAS024). This testing is expensive (at least £1000 per window test and £3000 per door test) and can take a very long time (anything between 6 weeks and 6 months).

An additional complication is that many manufacturers may be unaware that products they are making will eventually be installed in new build houses, and are therefore unaware of the need to comply with Document Q.

For reasons of cost, timing and lack of awareness many manufacturers do not have the required independent testing in place. If so it is already too late to have it in place by Oct 1 2016.

Winlock aims to solve this problem by undertaking its own programme of independent testing to PAS024, and then allowing customers the use of Winlock certification provided of course the customer buys the requisite hardware from Winlock and makes the door/window to the specification tested.  This testing has been going on for 6 months and will be complete by June 2016.


-        Customer can make a Document Q compliant product without having to go through the time and expense of independent  testing. 

-        Allows customers to continue to service the residential new build market at minimal additional cost

-        Gets customers ahead of the game with regards to the Building Regulations.



The so-called “flush sash” window is a typical old timber window style where the outside of the opening window sash is exactly level (flush) with the outer frame. This style is now being copied by a number of manufacturers in pvcu to mimic the appearance of a traditional timber window. This is one of the fastest growing areas in the UK window market.

However, this system has a number of major drawbacks when made in pvcu, the most obvious one being that the window typically cannot be held partly open in the ventilation position – it is either fully locked or completely unsecured.

 We have designed a new locking system that solves this problem- so the window can be fully locked, completely unsecured or secured slightly open in the so-called “night vent” position.

In addition to the patent applied for we have also registered the Deltalock trade mark which we intend to use in conjunction with this product.


-        Offers a night vent position without compromising the weatherseal of the window

-        Offers enhanced security with 3 locking points in the corner of the window

-        Visually different to any other product on the market

Lifetime Concealed Handle

Most door handles sold with pvcu/timber doors in the UK are supplied with aluminium or zinc handles. If these are supplied with a plated finish they are highly likely to corrode which is one of the biggest single causes of customer remedial. This can be avoided by using brass or stainless steel material but these are far too expensive for most manufacturers to use in volume production. Most zinc or aluminium handles only carry a 2 year guarantee on the plated surface finish. Zinc, brass or solid stainless steel handles are also quite heavy and with prolonged use tend to sag and become unsightly.

Also, almost all handle sets supplied for use with multipoint locks have visible screw fixings on the inside set. This can become unsightly if the screw heads do not match the exact colour of the handle set or if they become chipped or damaged.

The Lifetime concealed consists of all stainless steel parts on the outside, allowing a 15 year guarantee to be given. Additionally, the inside handle has a cover plate which conceals the screws giving a clean smooth appearance.

The handles themselves are either hollow stainless steel or aluminium, both of which are very light and hence far less likely to fatigue the springs and sag than zinc or brass alternatives.


 -        Offers a cost effective stainless steel external option to avoid corrosion issues

-        Minimal additional cost compared to plated zinc

-        Concealed internal fixings enhance customer perception and avoids unsightly screw heads

-        Lightweight sprung handles avoid any sagging

-        Available in any painted colour


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